System C kugui_Point Consumption Criteria

Point Consumption Criteria

Please click here for more information on the point consumption system.

Criteria for Standard Queues

System C is equipped with a CPU node and an ACC node. The number of points consumed when using each node is as follows. Information on the queue configuration will be provided once operations have started.

Node name Execution time limits (planned) Points consumed per day (planned)
CPU 24/120 hours 1 point/node
ACC 24/120 hours 2 point/node


Disk Charges
Points are required depending on the amount of disk space used on the system.
Points are not consumed when usage remains within the standard quota (default quota).
However, should you raise the quota above the standard value and the usage exceed the default quota, points will be consumed on a daily basis for any amount in excess of the standard value.

Quota changes can be set in units of 1 GB, and point consumption is also calculated in units of 1 GB/day.

The billing factor for points is different in the /home and /work areas.
Details such as the maximum value will be announced once operations have started.

Disk space name Points consumed per day (planned)
Long term (/home) 1.0 point/TB
Short term (/work) 0.1 point/TB



Standard point consumption guidelines

Points are distributed to each assignment based on these point consumption standards and the total compute capacity, with the expectation that the supercomputer will be in continuous operation throughout the year.

For System C:
(1pt [per node per day] x 128 nodes + 2pt [per node per day] x 8 nodes) x 365 days ~ 53 kpt